10 Surefire Tips For Effective Online Learning In 2022

  • 05 Jan, 2022

Online learning has come a long way since the COVID-19 pandemic break-out. Modern technology has allowed us to take online classes on any topic under the sky from the comfort of our homes. Whether you want to get enrolled in new cooking classes or you need to learn a technical skill for your new job, online learning has made it all accessible in a few clicks on the keyboard.

Online learning has already been in demand for the past decade. The pandemic has only fuelled the need exponentially and with time, we can only expect the demand rates of online education to grow further.

Online classes haven’t just helped in saving commuting time but also made learning more affordable. From transportation to buying paper and pen, online learning has eliminated many cost-consuming processes in traditional classroom learning.

However, shifting the paradigm to online learning isn’t that simple, for it has certain limitations. According to Jaime Saavedra, global director for education, World Bank, “Information technology is only a compliment, not a substitute for traditional classroom technique.” Despite the many advantages that online learning offers, it does not provide the numero uno solution to all the learning challenges to be faced by the present and future generations.

But that doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about it. In fact, we can still do a lot to make the utmost use of online learning that provides the best experience for the learners and transform them into the industry’s most sought-after talents.

Here are some useful tips to make online learning more effective in the year 2022.

Create interactive courses

Unlike traditional classroom learning, where learners are regularly in touch with the faculty, online classes can get monotonous after attending them for several days. This can make your learners lose their interest in the course. To avoid this, make your online courses more engaging and interactive. Rather than providing only reading materials, add content in videos and slides to spark an interest among the learners. Make sure your LMS supports content delivery in multiple formats.

Adopt blended learning

Blended learning for 2022

Since both classroom and online learning have their fair share of pros and cons, it is advisable to utilise the best of both formats. While you can provide face-to-face demonstrations to your learners in classrooms, let them access the online content on their laptops or smartphones. This will help your learners gain knowledge in the best possible way. A blended learning approach makes learning more flexible and engaging.

Set clear learning goals

To grasp the knowledge in the most efficient way and maximise their potential, learners should know what they are going to learn and why. Setting clear learning goals at the beginning of the course will help them feel motivated and also encourage them to go for self-paced learning. You can adopt an outcome-based education model to implement this target focused learning.

Embrace user-generated content
User generated content for effective online learning in 2022

User-generated content is the content produced by learners themselves. Let learners share their knowledge and experiences on the online learning platform. Such content will be more valuable and relevant to the actual learning objectives. Learners can share their content in any form, be it blogs, opinions, reviews, comments, Q&A sessions, recorded videos, etc.

Facilitate communication

Whether you are creating courses for an educational institute or training modules for employees, ensure that proper communication is being channelised on your learning platform. In online learning, it is quite challenging to convey all your information to the right person. To avoid any communication gaps between learners and faculty and also among the learners themselves, it is necessary to integrate the right communication tools like video conferencing, chatbots, discussion forums etc. into your LMS. 

Update content

With time, many things change and so does data and information. Even the learning goals of your learners may change every year. Make sure your online learning content is up-to-date. Keep updating your course material from time to time to make it relevant to your learner's needs. Use the latest learning tools to convey knowledge that will not just help your learners gain technical expertise in those tools but also help them be job-ready.

Build communities of learners

Build communities for effective online learning in 2022

Many LMSs now allow you to build online learning communities. This is a robust educational practice to uplift the experiences of learners and help them foster strong connections with faculty and peers. Being a part of a learning community helps learners to share opinions and cultures, which further boosts their interaction and engagement.

Avoid overscheduling

Online classes may seem easier and dormant as learners are attending them in the comfort of their homes. But it is not. In fact, remote learners can quickly underestimate the workload and end up overworking. This will eventually lead them to feel burnout and digital fatigue. To avoid this, make sure that your online class takes the same time as any regular in-person class. Prepare realistic schedules and keep your learners informed beforehand about the timeline.

Utilise the power of social media

Use socail media mor effective online learning in 2022

Nowadays, millennials spend most of their time on social media. So why not utilise this for learning and sharing knowledge. You can integrate various popular social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram into your LMS. Social media provides a smooth and direct communication linkage between you and your learners. It allows you to deliver virtual classes, make announcements or communicate with learners directly.

Add human element

Online learning can easily get distant and mechanical if it takes most of our time. The dominance of technology can never surpass the need for basic human relationships, especially in learning. So humanisation of online learning is crucial. Utilise big data analytics to know what your learners need and then provide them with more personalised content. Encourage your learners to collaborate in group discussions and other social activities to eliminate the feeling of isolation. This will help you foster a healthy learning culture.

Wrapping Up!

Online learning is evidently beneficial, but not without challenges. You can adapt the aforementioned techniques to make learning more effective and let 2022 be your best year so far. A good LMS is the most important tool you may need to achieve your teaching and learning goals.
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