5 Must-Have Training Courses For Small Businesses

  • 27 Dec, 2021

Every business needs to train its employees for the best results. Even small businesses. But the question is, is it really affordable for a small business to offer expensive training courses to its employees?

Small businesses have a tight budget. This makes it quite possible that they may not have enough finances to deliver effective L&D programs. Then should they cut the chase after training and development of their staff? The answer is no!

Thanks to the advancement in technology, now there are many options to provide cost-effective yet efficient training programs to the employees.

If you are running a small business thor a start-up, you can still deliver valuable training to your employees without compromising your balance sheet.

Reasons why small business needs employee training

Every corporate business, whether large or small, benefits from training its staff. Here’s why.

Helps you retain employees

Many employees opt for training and development as one of the major incentives they look for in an organisation. Providing skills-based training will help you retain your talented employees as they will see it as a propeller in their career growth.

Improves employees’ performance

Small businesses generally have a very limited staff. So, in order to ensure that each worker adds value to the company, the right skills training is needed. A well-trained employee will do his job more efficiently and give better performance than an untrained employee.

Increases productivity

Without proper training, employees take more time to perform their tasks. In contrast, well-trained employees will work faster and reach deadlines. Hence, the overall productivity of the business improves.

Training programs do not need to be pricey to benefit the employees. With proper planning and focussed content, you can train your employees effectively, regardless of your business size.

Training courses that every small business needs

For a budget-friendly and effective training session, you should insist on delivering the most relevant courses to your employees that they actually need to perform well in their jobs. Here is a list of some must-have training courses for small businesses.


Communication is one skill that everyone, who is a part of an organisation where small or large, needs. Solid communication skills will help your employees convey their information, collaborate with their co-workers, raise their issues and resolve internal conflicts. Training in communication skills will ensure that all your employees are working well together as a team.


Email marketing is a much-needed training course for every business

To sell your products or services to the audience and boost your business, marketing skills are a must. In today’s era, where digital marketing skills are in such high demand, including a digital marketing course in your training program will only boost your employees’ confidence and, consequently, your sales.

A marketing course will also help your employees design effective social media and email marketing strategies and draw more traffic to your business.


Everyone needs some basic finance skills. And when you are a part of a small business, you need it more. Small businesses have to function with limited finances. So it is necessary that each employee has basic knowledge about how the bottom line works.

Finance skills training will help your employees predict future demands and sales and make smart decisions for your business.


Whether someone wants to get some discount on a new 2 BHK flat, or he wants a salary increment, with excellent negotiation skills, he can achieve it all.

Training in negotiation skills will help your employees gain favourable contracts with clients. It will also help them successfully negotiate over prices and sales terms with customers, bringing more profit to your business.

Project Management

Project management training course

Small businesses rarely have structured work processes. So, to get the best results, they need to train their employees with the fundamentals of project management. This will help the employees to get their work done efficiently, ensuring high productivity.

Project Management courses will help employees to understand how to apply smart work methods, manage teams and process work from the initial stage to the successful completion.

How can an LMS be your saviour?

All these training courses are in sync with the current market demands. With these skills, your employees will do a great job in achieving your business goals. But these courses also need investment and time to create and deliver content. Here is how you can combat this issue. Buy a Learning Management System (LMS) for your business!

An LMS can help you create, manage and deliver online training courses to your employees which they can access from anywhere, anytime. Hence, it leaves out the need to invest time and money in delivering expert-led training. LMS offers a cost-effective learning platform to produce the right content for the right person who needs it. To save time and effort, you can also adopt the micro-learning approach which emphasises creating small and target-focussed content for the learners.

Coconut Learning offers a customisable LMS to small businesses to train their employees. With our solution, you can also assess your employees’ learning and track their progress.
To get more information on how our product works, request a demo today and our expert team member will help you get familiarised with our solution’s exclusive features and benefits.