6 LMS Trends To Look Forward To In 2022

  • 30 Dec, 2021

Every year the eLearning industry witnesses some new trends and technology to smoothen the learning experiences. In 2022, we expect that online learning will continue to flourish in educational institutes and businesses. With the COVID-19 pandemic still lurking around us, virtual classes will only get more and more advanced by incorporating the elements of the latest technology. And so will increase the demand for LMS. 

According to Fortune Business Insights, the market size of Learning Management Systems is expected to grow from $13.38 billion in 2021 to $44.49 billion in 2028 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.7%. 

So what new LMS trends and features can we expect in 2022?

Top LMS trends for 2022

Trends in eLearning and consequently, in LMSs will keep on changing in the upcoming years. Although the basic features and tools will remain same, many changes are likely to add to the already robust industry in the next 12 months. Here is the list of LMS trends we look forward to in 2022.

Blended Learning Approach

Since the pandemic does not seem to go away yet, many schools and colleges will resume online classes. Even businesses are planning to continue with work from home model for the upcoming year. Many companies like Spotify, Twitter, Microsoft, etc. are planning to allow their employees t remote permanently. In this scenario, we can predict an increase in the demand for LMS solutions that offer a more robust blended learning model or hybrid model for educational institutes and businesses.

Flexible Training

LMS trend - flexible training

The past two years have witnessed the attrition rates in global companies as higher than ever. This shows a drastic shift in the employees’ perspectives and work culture post pandemic. Now, employees are looking for flexibility and learning opportunities in their jobs. With this, we can expect an increase in demand for customisable LMS that allows administrators to create and deliver online courses which learners can access from anywhere, anytime. With flexible training, learners can self-learn the skills they need to perform well in their jobs.

User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) refers to the content created by the users, that includes your learners, clients, customers, etc. UGC can be in any form like opinions, ideas, suggestions, reviews or feedback. Many people believe that UGC defines brand value and promotes name. LMS incorporated with UGC can shape organisations into more users’ centric, which further builds trust with customers. With so many benefits in the picture, we can say that in the coming months, LMS that supports UGC will rise in demand.

Big Data Analytics

LMS trend- Big data analytics

With so many users lining up to access eLearning content, it is almost impossible to produce personalised content for each individual. To help it, we need big data to predict the likes and requirements of each learner to meet their specific demands. In 2022, we can expect organisations to look for the LMS that comes with in-built big data analytics to help them create and deliver personalised courses and facilitate flexible learning.

Gamified Learning

It is no news that gamification is an effective tool for keeping learners engaged. Especially in the work from home model, where employees don’t get involved in the regular office activities and learn from colleagues. Gamified learning helps users to retain knowledge for a long time in the simplest way. By integrating features like leaderboards, reward coins, etc. administrators can encourage a healthy competition among peers that will further boost employees’ interaction and engagement. A right LMS with integrations like gamification will certainly be among the top trends to look forward to in 2022.

Data Security

LMS trend - Data Security

With more and more content being digitalised, data security has become a trending topic in the online learning approach. Both educational institutes and businesses have an enormous volume of sensitive information they need to protect from getting leaked. This makes it necessary for LMS vendors to provide solutions that offer high data security and prevent content breaches. Hence, we can expect LMS with tight security features to be among the top demands in the eLearning industry in the next few months.

Final Thoughts

In 2022, we expect rapid growth of the LMS market size. With more challenges coming ahead in learning and development strategies, the need for flexibility and adaptability is only going to increase. And so will the robustness of new LMS features and integrations. In the end, the organisations will look for the LMS offering the right solutions that fit the current market needs and adapt itself to the frequent changes.

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