6 Proven Tips To Sell Your LMS

  • 21 Dec, 2021

Are you looking for ways to sell your LMS? Then the first question that arises in your mind is most probably this- why should a customer buy my LMS? 

With over 800 LMS vendors competing in the market, making your LMS stand out can be very challenging. What your potential buyers are looking for? How should you improve your selling points? We will discuss it here. But before that, let’s see what are the common mistakes that are probably hindering you from turning your target audience into buyers.

  • Not listening to the customers- This is quite a common mistake made by salespersons. Sometimes, they focus too much on the product and its features that they ignore the queries of potential buyers.

  • Cold calling- Marketing your business is good, but aggressive marketing or vendor ship sometimes backfires in the eLearning industry. If you advertise your product to people who have no interest in the field, it will leave a rather negative impact on your business and reputation.

  • Not knowing your own product- Your salespersons are the first person who your potential buyer connects with. To sell the product to the clients, your salespersons should have a wonderful knowledge of your product and its features. They should be able to answer all the questions from the prospective buyers.

  • Product exaggeration- Exaggerating about your product features may seem a nice way to entice the customers, but it does not actually work. Imbuing honest details is the key to leveraging your product and its features.

How should you sell your LMS?

To make people take interest in your LMS, you have to tell them how your LMS is different from others. Here are six sure shot tips to sell your LMS to a large audience.

Identify Target Audience


Identifying your target audience is important before you work on your marketing strategy. Discover the industry that needs your LMS solution. 

Spending some time in target audience research can help you with cost-effective digital marketing and SEO efforts. You can identify the right target audience for your LMS using these methods-

  • Conducting market research to analyse the demographics and psychographics of the audience.
  • Understanding the purchase path of the buyers in the same industry.
  • Building your brand value by analyzing case studies.
  • Conducting surveys to find out who needs what.

Identifying your target audience will help you choose the right tactics in your marketing and set up a niche in the online education industry.

Know Your Customers

To make sure your prospective buyers choose you, you must learn what they are looking for. Listen to their requirements and provide relevant answers and solutions to their queries.

There may be some clients who worked with your competitors previously. Learn about their experiences and pain points. You can tell them how you can provide them with a better user experience.

Before you connect with a potential buyer, visit their websites to learn more about them. You can also mention your previous clients from a similar industry and share their experiences. This will help you build trust with your audience and encourage them to buy your product.

Highlight Your Features

Once you get your potential buyer to request a demo, your next step should be to show them your distinguished features and capabilities. Your demo should not just include the basic features your LMS offers, but also the technical facets of your product that will be beneficial for them.

Learn about your client beforehand and highlight the features of your LMS that show your brand value and differentiate you from others. For instance, if your client is an owner of a coaching centre, you can brief about how your LMS helps in creating engaging online courses and conducting exams.

Sell User-Friendly and Secure Product 

Your product user interface leaves the first impression on your clients. Whether or not they will turn into your regular buyer, depends on how user-friendly and secure your LMS is. Providing user-friendliness does not mean focussing only on making your LMS simple and easy to use. It means you should also incorporate excellent graphics and engaging design. But not at the cost of security.
Your clients will store and share important data using LMS. So they will buy an LMS that offers advanced encryption standards to ensure data safety.
A well-designed and secure user interface will bring you more buyers and boost your sales. 

Offer Customisable Solution

Not every customer wants the same thing. Both the market and the requirements of customers keep changing from time to time. A customisable LMS will allow your clients to have control over the features of your solution and change it according to their needs.

An LMS with different custom elements is more likely to get buyers than the ready-made ones. For instance, if your client owns a business and needs an LMS to create online training programmes for the employees, he will need a customisable solution that fits the specific training needs of different departments. 

Understand Your Competitors

With several LMS vendors competing for the same customer base, it might be hard for you to stand out. Before you begin to sell your own product, conduct thorough research to learn what features your competitors are offering and why customers are not satisfied with their products. Find out what they are lacking and add it to your product.

For instance, an LMS vendor fails to offer timely technical support to its clients. You can highlight how you offer on-time technical help and support to your customers and solve their issues. 

Final Thoughts

Selling learning management systems can be very challenging, especially when so many well established LMS vendors are already present in the market. But instead of trying to go ahead of your competitors, focus on how to make your LMS suitable for your potential buyers. You cannot win a deal by excelling in just one field. Make sure you sell what your customers need. Put a good time and effort into optimising your sales process and you will ultimately win a good share of customers.

Coconut Learning offers a fully customisable LMS for your business to serve best to the specific needs of your clients. To gain more information about our product and features, contact us today.