7 Effective Tools to Create Engaging Online Courses for Your Learners

With the implementation of eLearning programs in the education and corporate sector, the demand for Learning Management Systems (LMS) has witnessed a rise. Many educational institutions and businesses are now implementing LMS solutions to teach, train, assess and manage their audiences. One major advantage of having a Learning Management System in an institution or a business is that it allows the addition of different infographic tools to the content to make the teaching and training related courses more creative and engaging. 

Why Do We Need eLearning Tools?

To teach and train your learners, the idea of sharing all the course-related materials in the form of manuals or ebooks might seem the easiest method but does this method leave a long-lasting effect? The answer is no because what is learnt easily can be forgotten easily too. We need infographic tools in online courses because they

  • make the content more interesting and engaging.
  • help the learners grasp the subjects well and understand the concepts better.
  • help to retain the knowledge for a long time.
  • allow demonstration of the products or courses.
  • capture the details in a short and simple manner. 
  • make the content more interactive.

Now let us discuss different tools that can be used to make the content more effective and engaging.


YouTube is without a doubt one of the best eLearning tools. By adding training related videos, you can make your content more appealing and fun. Many psychological studies have proven that training via videos can help learners to retain the information for more than a month. With proper information and simple language, a YouTube video can engage your audience for a longer time and have a memorable learning experience.

Microsoft Office Suite

The Microsoft Office suite includes-

  • Microsoft Word for word processing 
  • Microsoft Excel for data collection 
  • Microsoft Powerpoint for creating presentations
  • Microsoft Access for database management
  • Microsoft Outlook for managing emails and calendars
  • Skype for business interactions

and many more. MS Office is a powerful service that has been used for years to create, publish and present content. It comes with many features that can make your course-related material more engaging and fun. 



With more than half of the IT professionals working from home, zoom meetings have allowed them to interact with their colleagues, employers and clients and share their updates on work. Zoom supports both teaching and learning environments by providing features like video conferencing,  group messaging and online presentations. By making the process of online learning more interactive, zoom has played a good role in engaging the audience for a longer time.

Adobe Illustrator



A companion of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator is one of the best industry-based graphics software we have today. This software allows you to create 3-D graphics to leave a maximum impact on your viewers. Adobe Illustrator supports your creativity and helps you to create your own course using charts, banners and infographics. This is an ideal software for presentations as well.



Canva is one of the latest yet very strong addition to all the tools for eLearning solutions. Canva for Education supports you to create your own classroom space or collaborate with your LMS to create an engaging course. Canva provides a variety of free templates, graphics and animations to unleash your creativity and make your content visually appealing.




As the same suggests Piktocharts supports your to create pictures and charts to add sense to your content. In case you have to the variations in market trends to your learners, you can create graphs and maps to support your information on Pktochart. This will give a clear understanding of how the market works to your audience.


If you are hesitating to pay for premium subscriptions in other multimedia tools, Snappa is the right solution for you. Its free plan pack provides you with numerous features to add informative yet visually appealing graphics to your content and keep your audience engaged. This software is user-friendly and offers you almost everything free of cost.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about LMS is that it allows you to add all these features to your content without a limit. While keeping your basic information intact, you can add different infographic tools to make your online training more creative and more engaging. All you need to do is to choose the right eLearning tool.
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