Customised LMS: What It Means And Why Is It Beneficial?

  • 23 Dec, 2021

With the fast growth in technology and ever-changing demand for skills, the need for customisable training programs is increasing. In top organisations that have multiple departments, each departmental team needs a different form of training. To meet the specific training requirement of every employee, what these organisations need is to implement a customised learning management system (LMS) that will cater to the needs of everyone working there.

What is a Customised LMS?

Customised LMS is a web-based technology that is developed to meet the specific needs of the learners and the administrators. Unlike an off-the-shelf LMS that is pre-formatted for use and has very rigid features, a customisable LMS helps you create a personalised experience for all the users.

Advantages of Customised LMS

The customisation of LMS is possible in many ways. You can add a customised landing page to your LMS with your organisation’s logo. This is one tactic that will help you build your brand name among the audience. Here are the reasons a customised LMS is more helpful over off-the-shelf solutions:

  • A customised LMS allows you to offer specific training programs to your employees. You can even change your content and features according to the specific business goals of your organisation. Off-the-shelf LMS will make it impossible to change your training modules every time you have a new development goal for your teams.
  • A customised LMS offers you more security than ready-made solutions. Most of the off-the-shelf LMS offer common features, which make it easier for hackers to get familiar with the product, jeopardising the safety of your content.
  • Not everyone needs everything. While an off-the-shelf LMS comes up with common elements required in most organisations, a customised LMS allows you to choose the specific features. Thus, you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need.
  • Since the technology keeps changing with time, a ready-made LMS might not work after a few years. Rather than being stuck with a product that you can’t even use in the future, go with a fully customisable LMS that will allow you to change its features with time and need.
In short, we can say that LMS implementation is beneficial for your organisation, but implementing a customised LMS will bring you more profit.

Proforma for a customised LMS

Customising your LMS is one way of branding your business. Even though you cannot customise everything with a customisable LMS, it provides you with enough elements to give your brand a unique identity that will stay for long in your viewers’ memories. Here is the list of elements that come along with a customised learning management system.

Customised Logo

Your company logo serves as your identity. It adorns your emails, newsletters, posters and product manuals. A learning management system with your customised logo will boost your brand value and help the audience identify your company instantly.

Customised Banner

No matter how much hard work you have put in creating incredible course content, it’s of no use if nobody knows about it. Designing an appealing custom banner is as important as creating an interactive learning path for your learners. A customised homepage banner will not just help you stand out, but also draw new customers into your product. Coconut Learning allows you to customise your landing page, content as well as the banner of your business.

Coconut Learning offers customisable landing page for your organisation

Customised Email Alerts

Sending automated emails plays a huge role in your marketing strategy. A customised email will allow you to choose the tone you wish to use to convey your message. Moreover, the receivers will feel valued if you send them a customised text rather than the usual formal email alert.

Customised Voice Tone

From your home page’s colour palette to the language used in your content, everything defines your organisation’s brand. A customisable LMS allows you to customise the colour combinations used for branding, titles, style and tone that you use to convey your information. This will help you create a unique identity among your viewers and also add consistency to your branding techniques.

Customised Learning Path

A learning path should never be rigid, for it will not allow the learners to choose the direction in which they wish to learn. Everyone learns differently so creating engaging content for everyone is important. This further makes it necessary to provide a customised learning path with enough flexibility to meet the specific needs of each learner. With a customisable LMS, you can create and assign the right content to the right person. 

Final Thoughts

The best learning management system is the one that offers you a customisable solution to fulfil the specific needs and development goals of your learners. It gives you several opportunities to add or remove certain elements to adapt well to the objectives of your organisation. 

With a customised LMS, you can create content that accommodates your specific demands and reflects your brand identity. Coconut Learning is one such learning management solution that aims to provide the best learning experience to your learners with its fully customisable platform. To learn more about us, click here.