The Future of Online Education

The paradigm of education has changed drastically in the past few years. With more and more learning programmes turning digital, it is safe to say that online education is going to stay here forever. Since the pandemic outbreak, almost all the schools and colleges are closed down. This has further led to a boom in online education.

According to Research and Markets, by 2025, online education will grow to $325 Billion. COVID-19 pandemic will only fuel these numbers because of increasing demands for remote learning.

So what is the reason behind this change? Why people are choosing online education as a method to teach their students and train employees over traditional teaching techniques? The list of reasons is long. Let’s check a few.


Gone are the days when students had to go through a fixed schedule to learn various subjects in schools. Now, with online education, both teachers and students can choose a time that suits all. Even in companies, employees can follow a self-paced training regime. This allows for a better work-life balance and autonomy in their lives, which further improves their productivity and time management skills.


Online education offers accessibility to both administrations and learners. Just in a few clicks on their smartphones or laptops, they can access unlimited data and information available on the internet from anywhere, anytime.

Even the faculty can create courses and assign them to the learners from anywhere. This factor saves them from travelling hassles and allows them to explore their hobbies.

Customised learning

One can share a wide range of course materials online. Unlike traditional learning techniques, where students can learn only what teachers teach, online education allows access to diverse and effective learning tools like audio, videos, presentations, etc. With learning experience from different formats, learners get a better grasp of the concepts and perform well.

Online education also allows teachers to design a curriculum that fits well with the needs of their students and update it with time. This helps them to add latest information to their course material and keep it up-to-date.


Do you know that the traditional form of education is actually costlier than online education? From the cost of classroom materials to the charges spent on travelling, traditional in-person educations can make both teachers and students pay a lot from their wallets. In online education, all the materials are shared via the internet so there is no need to spend money on buying books and worksheets. With lesser investment, learners can achieve more knowledge.

A plethora of learning programs

Have you ever wished to learn a foreign language while taking your regular classes? With online education, you can achieve that as well. From guitar classes to machine learning, a wide range of programmes are available on the internet. Learners can get admission in these courses to enhance their skill set and also earn certificates that will further help them in building their CVs.

Outcome-based education

In classroom learning, students are expected to give exams every 3-4 months to test their knowledge. In the online form of education, teachers can set targets or outcomes for every part of the curriculum. Each student has to achieve those targets for successful completion of the course. Such outcome-based learning approach helps learners to gain a better understanding of the subject and achieve individual learning goals.

This method also allows the teachers to track the performance of the learners and analyse their knowledge gaps.

Final Thoughts

The above reasons are enough to conclude that online education is the future. With more learners agreeing to the thought that online education is more convenient than the traditional learning approach, the status quo in the education sector is revolutionising.

In the future, it will not be surprising to see various advanced elements of machine learning and virtual reality becoming a crucial part of school education and employee training programmes. With big data analytics, more personalised solutions to learners will be available in the market, which will not just help them enhance their learning experience but also give a clear picture of their needs.

What Coconut Learning will do for you?

Coconut Learning offers a bespoke online learning platform to educational institutes and businesses to create, manage and modify online courses and assign them to their learners from anywhere, anytime.

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