Tips To Use An LMS To Sell Your Content Online

  • 18 Dec, 2021

Do you have some good quality course content that you wish to sell online? Whether you are a private tutor or working in a learning institute, you can market your content and sell it online to make money.

Why should you sell your content online?

Three years ago, Research and Markets forecasted that the revenue of e-learning would reach $325 Billion by 2025. The way online education has revolutionised in recent years, it will not be surprising if the actual data surpasses this forecast. If you want to step your foot into this growing industry, there are fair chances to gain profit.

Here are some good reasons why you should sell your content online:

  • Selling your content online will bring you money. Once you have a solid customer base, your online courses will generate good passive income, which means you will earn money without working.
  • It will help you build connections and create a brand name for yourself. This can serve as a great marketing tool for you in the future.
  • Your online courses can help you reach a global audience. Since anyone with the internet can access and buy online courses, you can set your name in other parts of the world.
  • Reaching a larger audience also helps you gain more knowledge regarding what your customers need. You will do more research to know your audience and, henceforth, improve the quality of your content.

Along with the aforementioned, there are numerous other benefits of selling your online content. But it is easier said than done. Once you decide to set up your eCommerce business, you will face a number of challenges. How to monetise your content? What kind of content does your audience need? Which digital platform will be the best to sell your content? You will come across these questions which will further cloud your vision. So here is a solution for you. You can use an eCommerce integrated LMS that will help you create, manage and sell your content to a large audience. 

How to use an LMS to sell your content online?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based technology that helps you create, manage and share your content online. Another distinct feature of an LMS is that it also allows you to sell your content to the audience. Here are a few tips to use an LMS to sell your content online and boost your business:

Create an Interactive Course

An LMS for education allows you to create and sell your courses in multiple formats like audio, videos, pdf and presentations to make them more interactive and intuitive. An interactive course will bring you more customers. You can use the in-built learners’ analytics report that is available with many LMS solutions to learn what kind of content sells more. 

Knowledge keeps changing itself. With time, new discoveries will continue to transform the existing information. But it is quite a tough task to create new content every time a new scientific discovery is made. With a customizable LMS, you can tailor your existing online course content. You can easily add new data anytime to keep your content up to date.

Design an interactive course by providing content in multiple formats

Issue Online Certificates

With the growing popularity of online courses, it has become quite tricky to make your presence noticeable. Issuing online certificates at the end of your course can help you stand out among your competitors. Certificates help students to prove their competency and build their CVs. Therefore, it will help you attract more students and establish your authority.

An eCommerce-ready LMS allows you to add certificates to your online courses and helps you indirectly to market your content in the relevant industry. Coconut Learning allows you to issue certificates to your learners at the successful completion of each course.

Coconut Learning offers auto-generated certificates with your logo at the successful completion of each course

Know Your Audience

With an LMS, you can communicate with your audience and get their honest feedback. Knowledge is vast. With advancements in technology, new findings are updated in the subject. Using an LMS, you can modify your content anytime according to your customers’ needs or if you have new information available.

With analytics, you can know which part of your content leave a greater impact on learners. This will help you improve your content quality.

Technical Assistance

Not everyone is a computer expert. You may find it difficult to digitalise your content and add various features to make it interactive. Nowadays, many LMS provide you with full technical support to help you sell your content without a hassle. You can also get technical help in creating engaging content with experienced industry experts who have the best knowledge in how to use the LMS to manage your business. Coconut Learning offers one-month free initial setup support to everyone who wants to try out our LMS.

Add Assessments

You can improve the learning experience of your customers by adding assessments to your courses. Your learners can learn the course and test their knowledge by completing the assessments. With an LMS, you can add tests in the form of quizzes, surveys or free-form questionnaires in different formats and assign them to your learners.

Coconut Learning has a unique feature where you can add an assessment to each module and make it mandatory for learners to successfully complete the assessment to unlock the next module. This will help you design your course with an outcome-based learning approach.

You can add assessment with auto-generated results to test your learners’ knowledge

Boost Brand Value

Your brand value is what makes people buy your products. But the entire process of marketing your content and creating a brand can be quite a hassle. But that’s not the case with an already established LMS. When you choose the right LMS that has been tried and tested by other customers, you will be saved from investing in new services. Since the LMS will take care of providing a seamless navigating experience to your customers and secure transactions, you can call it a very cost-effective method to monetise your content and boost your brand value.

How Coconut Learning can help you sell your content online?

Coconut Learning gives you an opportunity to create and sell your courses online. By integrating online learning with eCommerce, Coconut Learning helps you set up your own virtual shop that will help you earn money and create brand value.

With our customisable LMS solution, you can modify your courses anytime according to your customers’ needs. Your courses will have your own style and you can market them under your brand name. We will help you to reach a global audience without taking a commission for it.


To get more information on how to sell your courses on our eLearning platform, contact our tech support team today. 


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