Top 10 Benefits of Using A Learning Management System In Your Institute

  • 26 Nov, 2021

With the prevailing COVID-19 crisis hitting the entire world, the education system has altered dramatically. According to UNICEF, the closure of schools has affected 168 million children across the world in the past few months. This drastic change in the system has opened up the doors for eLearning platforms in schools, colleges, and other professional institutes. The shift from classrooms to computer screens has powered up the teaching and learning techniques in institutes and paved a way for emerging Learning Management Systems (LMS). 

What is a Learning Management System? 

Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based technology that helps in planning, implementation, and assessment of a learning technique. Using LMS in any institute or organization is more helpful over the traditional method of learning via pen and paper. Coconut Learning offers to build and manage an online learning portal for your institute at reasonable prices.

If you are running an educational or training institute and wondering whether to implement a Learning Management System, then here is a list of reasons stating why introducing an LMS can be very beneficial for your institute.


Keeps all your content in one place

Now, instead of keeping all your data at different places or drives, you can store it all at one location. An LMS helps you to create your own online library to store your materials. This feature keeps you away from the risk of losing any important content. 

Helps you track the performance

An ideal Learning Management System enables you to keep track of your progress throughout the entire curriculum. Most of the LMS portals report and analyze your performance and thus help you identify your unproductive areas.

Distributes your materials to a global audience

You can upload and publish all your course-related materials, including your lecture notes or assessments, onto the LMS. Your audience can have unlimited access to these materials via their laptops or mobiles. This helps you to share your content with anyone staying in any part of the world.

Keeps your content updated

In case you find something new to add to your curriculum, you can simply update it onto LMS. Your audience will automatically get access to all the newfound information with no fail. You can even assign tasks to the students at your own chosen time.

Saves you a lot of time 

Going to class, taking attendance, writing the notes, etc. can take a lot of time that could otherwise be invested in teaching instead. An LMS can help you save your time of transportation and preparation of all the materials by inculcating flexibility in your schedule.

Brings down the learning costs

Online materials are cheaper than the paper and pen used for learning courses in the traditional form of education. Apart from the cost of an internet connection, you and your audience don’t need to pay to manage the content and learn skills.

Unwraps the creativity

An LMS portal allows you to add images, charts, audio, and videos to your course materials. These additions make your course more interactive and help you engage your audience for a longer period.

Provides better results

With engaging courses, you can guide your audience to learn better and henceforth, perform better. You can even gamify your content to make it more interesting. These features will automatically bring you better results.

Keeps track of attendance

Now long gone are the days where the teacher needed to call out the names of students for attendance. An LMS directly keeps the attendance records of your students for the entire course duration and during the tests.

Unify social media platforms 

Last but not the least, an LMS allows you to integrate different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. into your learning techniques. You also have the chance to market your content through these social media handles to increase the size of your audience.

Final Thoughts

To say in short, an ideal Learning Management System provides you with the benefits of centralized admin controls. It aids you to teach, learn, assess and manage courses along with conducting examinations from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a reliable desktop, a good internet connection, and a zeal for expanding knowledge.

We at Coconut Learning offer you a very cost effective and well managed LMS solution. For more information, contact us anytime.