Pair the power of an LMS with the speed of Collaborative Learning

Are you looking forward to moving to a hybrid or remote working system? Then Coconut Learning provides the right solution for you. Our bespoke white-label online learning platforms offer businesses access to a scalable and cost-effective solution to staff training whilst keeping track of their progress and results.


The Latest LMS That You
Need For Your Business

Now it’s your turn to boost your business with high quality and affordable training platforms.


Provides an online training platform for your employees to access all the training materials at their desks at any time.

Helps them in achieving personal goals by accessing the courses that are relevant to their work.


Provides personalised training to HR.

Cost-effective solution as it saves time and money spent in outsourcing.

Bespoke training according to the companies’ objectives.

Industrial Training with
Certificate creation

Provide necessary skills-based training to your employees

Reward your employees with certificates on completion of training

Supervise practical training with experts.


Train your employees about various market segments and product information

Increase your employees’ knowledge about the latest market developments and keep them up-to-date.

Upload pre-recorded videos, to ensure the best transition of your new hires.


Elevate sales training with relevant and effective courses through a user-friendly interface.

Helps to unleash your sales team’s potential with healthy competition.

Product & Services

Help your employees to learn and understand your products and services.

Better product knowledge will help your employees to sell them more.

Tap the Full Potential of
Extended Enterprise Training

Extended Enterprise Training is an important step in any corporate training. Coconut Learning LMS offers you the best training platform for your external audiences. Whether you are in sales business or a service provider, you can deliver effective training to your employees as well as customers to bring out the best results.

100% Online

Coconut Learning LMS is a 100% online service provider. Your learners can access the best training modules from anywhere, anytime at their own convenience.

Variety of Training Features

With Coconut Learning LMS, you can provide updated course materials and utilise different interactive tools to engage employees We encourage self-paced learning for high productivity.We help you to provide personalised, collaborative and interdisciplinary training to your employees.

User-Friendly Interface

We provide you with a personalised user-friendly interface to help your learners enjoy straightforward and hassle-free navigation.With our LMS, you can easily upload courses, assign audiences and manage training.

Consistent Delivery

Consistent delivery of services is a must for any business to run smoothly. With Coconut Learning LMS, create and deliver services consistently to your employees and customers even under challenging situations.

Hassle-free Communication

Communicate with your employees either via one to one interaction or call for a group discussion. Our LMS allows you to integrate different audio or video conferencing tools for a better communication process among your peers.

Upload Course Materials at Touch of Button

Our LMS allows you to upload all the training related content in any format at one location. This feature reduces the risk of losing data and helps your employees to access all the required materials at a click.

Bespoke Mobile App Access

When it comes to fast access to your training modules, nothing works better than a handy mobile application. Coconut Learning offers a user-friendly mobile app to organise training of your employees by providing all the features that our website has to offer. Your employees can install the app on their smartphones and access the content from anywhere.

Why is Coconut Learning LMS the best
solution for your employee training?

70% of employees agree that quality training leaves a positive influence on their performances at work.


Meet Client Satifaction
By Using Our LMS System

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a fully managed end-to-end service when it comes to setting up and monitoring your platform to ensure it runs smoothly. As your training platform goes live, we will continue to provide ongoing technical support, allowing you to get back to teaching.

As a member of the Coconut Learning community, you will be supported by our team of expert course instructors, videographers, graphic artists and training course designers to offer advice, tips and practical guidance when it comes to putting together your courses. We understand that organisations often don’t have time to design and create their own training programmes, so we are here to take the stress out of the process.

A perfect solution for schools, colleges or other educational organisations who are committing to a remote learning set-up, your online training will be easily accessible from anywhere in the world, either via your unique portal, or via our app, allowing your students to complete assessments, check on deadlines and download essential course materials at the touch of a button.

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