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Coconut Learning provides high quality and affordable learning management solutions to take virtual education to the next level and upskill our future leaders.

Our goal is to make courses an enjoyable experience for your learners by giving you all the tools you need to create a platform that inspires them, and allows them to develop their knowledge in a comprehensive and intuitive way.

Key Features

Live Virtual Classes

Our eLearning solution provides live virtual classes to your students. You can add videos and demonstrations to your course to make the content more engaging and intuitive.

Live Interactions & Entertainment

We believe that students should actively interact in the class to get a grasp of concepts. Through our LMS solution, learners can observe, communicate, read assignments and have a live discussion with teachers as well as fellow students.


Study shows that adding games in your curriculum will help your students to score better. Coconut Learning LMS allows you to gamify your course materials and make them more engaging.

Feedback Sessions and Webinars

Your feedback matters- we offer tools to get feedback from the learners to make the learning experience more rich and interactive.

Host Video Conferencing

We provide you with the best video conferencing system that allows your students to attend classes and access the live events shared by the teachers.

Make Announcements

Making announcements is equally important as any other verbal communication in the class. This feature allows you to share important information with all the users and keep them up-to-date with the latest developments.

Outcome-Based Education

Our LMS allows you to add well-designed targets to your curriculum. Before your students achieve a target, they cannot unlock the next task. This will improve their competency to gain knowledge.

Learning Analytics- Track Progress

We provide a useful feature to track the progress of your students and analyse their performances regularly.

We Offer Industry-Specific Solutions to Meet Your Demands

LMS with
Virtual shop

Create, share and sell your own courses to the global audience. Manage your private shop with Coconut Learning LMS. We don’t charge any commission for it.

LMS for
Blended Learning

Coconut Learning offers best blended learning LMS to deliver smart learning sessions to your students by incorporating both online as well as offline education techniques.

LMS for
Examination Centres

Coconut Learning LMS will guide you to test your learners and track their performances by creating challenging exams from time to time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a fully managed end-to-end service when it comes to setting up and monitoring your platform to ensure it runs smoothly. As your training platform goes live, we will continue to provide ongoing technical support, allowing you to get back to teaching.

As a member of the Coconut Learning community, you will be supported by our team of expert course instructors, videographers, graphic artists and training course designers to offer advice, tips and practical guidance when it comes to putting together your courses. We understand that organisations often don’t have time to design and create their own training programmes, so we are here to take the stress out of the process.

A perfect solution for schools, colleges or other educational organisations who are committing to a remote learning set-up, your online training will be easily accessible from anywhere in the world, either via your unique portal, or via our app, allowing your students to complete assessments, check on deadlines and download essential course materials at the touch of a button.

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