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Blended learning is the blend or the combination of two very distinct learning approaches, which are classroom learning and technology-based learning. Coconut Learning offers best blended learning LMS to deliver smart learning sessions to your students.

Key Features

How about allowing your students to bring their laptops to the classrooms and gain some technology-based skills along with learning what’s there in the curriculum? Blended learning has its own share of advantages over traditional learning techniques.

Online and Offline Learning

Alongside taking classes in their schools or colleges, Blended learning offers students a chance to learn the course at their own pace whenever and wherever they want.

Live In-Person Training

Provide face to face training to your students from experts in various fields to give a boost to their existing knowledge and help them to gain some industry-based skills.


Elevate your classroom learning experience by integrating different social media platforms and other latest technologies into your regular curriculum. Help your students to apply technical expertise to enhance their learning.

Interactive Learning

With our blended learning model, educators can make their usual face-to-face teaching sessions more interactive and approachable.

Adopt Various Teaching Approaches

Our Blended learning LMS allows teachers to adopt different methods to teach that is beyond the lines of textbooks. Videos and demonstrations can be incorporated into your usual classroom teaching sessions to keep your students engaged.

Blended Learning for
Schools and Universities

Are you struggling to make your students love what they learn? With Coconut Learning LMS, provide your school or university with a teaching technique that incorporates the best of both online and offline learning. Nowadays many schools and universities are implementing blended learning or hybrid learning in their education system. The reason is simple. Blended learning allows the students to have better control over the time and methodology of their learning. With the benefits of both online learning and independent learning, their performance is bound to improve.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a fully managed end-to-end service when it comes to setting up and monitoring your platform to ensure it runs smoothly. As your training platform goes live, we will continue to provide ongoing technical support, allowing you to get back to teaching.

As a member of the Coconut Learning community, you will be supported by our team of expert course instructors, videographers, graphic artists and training course designers to offer advice, tips and practical guidance when it comes to putting together your courses. We understand that organisations often don’t have time to design and create their own training programmes, so we are here to take the stress out of the process.

A perfect solution for schools, colleges or other educational organisations who are committing to a remote learning set-up, your online training will be easily accessible from anywhere in the world, either via your unique portal, or via our app, allowing your students to complete assessments, check on deadlines and download essential course materials at the touch of a button.

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