Key Features

Build Challenging Exams

Coconut Learning LMS allows you to conduct any type of exam or assessment. Whether you want to create an objective test for your learners or you wish to build a conventional exam in a specific pattern, we provide you with the required format. You can add questions in the form of fill in the blanks, multiple-choice based questions or essays and categorise them according to your need. You have full control over the number of questions, limiting attempts or limiting time to standardise your exams.

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Assign Your Exams to Specific Users

We allow you to share your exam with a limited audience as per your requirement. All you need is the basic contact information of your users to assign them exams at your chosen time and send them invites. Your learners can access the exams from anywhere and appear in them at their own comfort.

Analyse Results and Track Learners’ Performance

After every exam, you can provide results. It’s up to you whether you make the result appear automatically to your learners or you wish to first check it manually. The result will include all the relevant information like obtained marks, correct answers, solutions, completed attempts and failed attempts.

Our LMS solution also allows you to track the progress of your learners by summarising their performance and highlighting the knowledge gaps.

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Get Feedback

Feedback is always an important component of any learning technique. Ask for feedback from your learners to improve the quality of your exams and assessments. Our LMS solution allows it all.


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